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Sophisticated, Aggressive DUI Defense in Denver

Drunk driving allegations can have serious repercussions. Mr. Willett employs his 24 years of experience to formulate a sophisticated DUI defense using law enforcement manuals and scientific laboratory techniques. Due to the government’s increase in DUI enforcement, your rights are important and can suffer from delay. In some cases, you can lose your driver’s license by not acting within 7 days of being charged. If you are convicted, you will face high fines and possibly even jail time. For all of these reasons, having an attorney experienced in DUI matters is critical to maintaining your life in spite of a DUI arrest.

Jonathan S. Willett, Attorney at Law, has more than two decades of experience defending Colorado clients against Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges. He understands the process and will pursue every possible defense in you case. Call 303-832-5648 or contact the firm online to schedule a free initial consultation.

Comprehensive DUI Defense

DUI charges set two processes in motions: the DMV administrative process and the criminal prosecution. Both of these processes have the potential to affect your future.

  • DMV license hearing: You need to request a DMV hearing as quickly as possible after you have been arrested for DUI. Mr. Willett will represent you in this hearing and challenge any revocation of you license. In some cases, he is able to preserve a client’s driving privilege.
  • Criminal defense: DUI convictions carry harsher punishments each year. Attorney Willett has extensive experience with the defense process and will attack every possible aspect of the investigation and prosecution of your case.

DUI investigations have many steps, and all of them are prone to attack. Thoroughly tracing the officers’ and prosecutors’ actions, Attorney Willett will provide and aggressive defense. He has a deep understanding of field sobriety tests, and is able to make a sophisticated attack based on the use of experts, toxicologists, and laboratories.

When you are facing DUI charges in the Denver area, you need a lawyer who will protect your driving privileges and your legal rights. Call 303-832-5648 or contact Mr. Willett online to schedule a free initial consultation.

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