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New Standard for Review of Attorneys’ Fees Requests in Colorado

By Jonathan S. Willett |

In Munoz v. Measner, 09SC421, (February 28, 2011) the Colorado Supreme Court reversed the decision of the Colorado Court of Appeals concerning the type of findings required by Colorado trial courts when denying a request for attorneys’ fees.  In this quiet title action, the Munozes’ lawyer withdrew shortly before the trial and their damages… Read More »

Serving to Protect Those Injured

By Jonathan S. Willett |

In a recently settled slip and fall case, Jonathan Willett obtained an $80,000 settlement against Wal-Mart for a 70 year old woman who fell at a Wal-Mart service counter.  This personal injury case arose in Westminster, Colorado, and had to be filed when Wal-Mart did not acknowledge the plaintiff’s claims nor would it pay… Read More »

Fighting for a Second Chance

By Jonathan S. Willett |

The United States Government filed a large crack Cocaine conspiracy case in the United States District Court for Colorado located in Denver, Colorado. The case involved hundreds of wiretap telephone calls, photographic surveillance and the possibility of at least twenty years in prison for the defendants. However, after an exhaustive review of the discovery… Read More »

What To Do When You are Stopped for a DUI in Colorado

By Jonathan S. Willett |

In Colorado, it is very important to know what your choices are when an officer suspects you are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Usually, once you are under suspicion, the officer will ask you to perform roadside maneuvers before he asks you anything about alcohol or drug testing. Always be polite… Read More »

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