What Are the Ages for Legal Sexual Relationships in Colorado

Each state defines the ages for legal sexual relationships. In Colorado, it is illegal for anyone eighteen or over to have sexual contact with a person who is under fifteen years old if there ages are more than four years apart. An exception to this rule exists if the parties are married. This offense is sometimes referred to as sexual assault on a child or “statutory rape.” As an example, a fourteen-year old can consent to have sex with a seventeen year-old. A person under fifteen is prohibited by law to provide consent for sex with a person who is four years or more older. A person who is fifteen or sixteen may give sexual consent to persons who are less than ten years older than them. As an example, a sixteen year old may consent to have sex with a twenty-five year old. A sixteen year-old may not provide consent to have sex with a twenty-seven year old. “Sexual contact” under the Colorado statutes means touching of the external genitalia, the perineum of the anus (butt), or breasts of any person. Source:C.R.S. Section 18-3-402

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