hen it comes to facing the consequences of a conviction over drug charges, you can't afford to risk your future with just any attorney. Prosecutors are known to take advantage of every opportunity they have to put away offenders, regardless of whether or not it's a first-time offense. That's why having an experienced defense attorney working for you can make all the difference in the world. Without adequate representation, you could not only be risking jail time, but a criminal conviction that could have a severe impact on things like finding a job, securing housing, and other life goals.

For over 32 years, I've been working with clients in Boulder, Denver, and surrounding metro areas to help them fight back against drug charges. I provide them with an aggressive defense against their charges to try and reduce sentences and ensure that their rights are protected at every phase of the legal process. With extensive courtroom experience and a passion for protecting individuals against injustice, I have the knowledge and litigation skills you need to maximize your chances at a successful outcome for your case.



Fighting For a Second Chance

Several years ago, the United States government filed a large crack cocaine conspiracy case in the United States District Court for Colorado located in Denver. The case involved hundreds of wiretap phone calls, photographic surveillance, and the possibility of at least twenty years in prison for the defendants (one of which was my client).

After an exhaustive review of the discovery and a thorough investigation, I was able to secure an outright dismissal of charges for my client. This successful outcome restored his legal status in the United States, which had been placed in jeopardy by the filing of the drug case.

I've always believed that one of the most rewarding parts of practicing criminal law is the opportunity to help the accused get a second chance. I'm always available to help the accused with all criminal law matters in cities and counties across the Denver and Boulder areas. I've appeared in District and County Courts located in Brighton, Golden, Castle Rock, Denver, Boulder, Centennial, Georgetown, and Central City -- and I offer payment plans and free consultations to all of my clients on criminal law matters because I firmly believe that all people deserve good representation in court, regardless of their economic status.

Proud to Provide My Support & Legal Counsel

Drug dependence is an issue that I've always taken very seriously. Unfortunately, rather than understanding the causes of drug dependence, many law enforcement officers want to use drug offenses as a means to punish the convicted offender without any thought other than putting someone away. That's why for over three decades I've been working to provide a strong, effective defense to countless clients who have been accused of various drug offenses, using my knowledge and experience to fight things like illegal search and seizure, wiretaps, and drug concentration and quantity conclusions that are used by the government and law enforcement officials to heighten drug charges and make sentences more severe.

In many cases where drug use is an issue, I use a multi-faceted approach that is designed to humanize my clients before the court of law. This tactic demonstrates the value of the accused as an individual and a citizen, thus promoting the client’s chances for success against whatever charges they may be facing. Ultimately, I strive to treat all of my clients with the respect and dignity they deserve, and I'm committed to doing everything I can to ensure that their rights are protected and that they have every chance at a positive outcome for their case.


When you’re facing charges for a drug crime, a conviction can carry serious consequences. That’s why it’s important to enlist the services of an experienced defense attorney who can provide an aggressive defense and ensure that you have every chance at a positive outcome. If you need help defending yourself against a drug charge, call The Law Offices of Jonathan S. Willett, LLC today and put my experience on your side.